Our Mission at Arthur Murray New Jersey Dance Centers


We provide more than just a few moves and the space to practice them. Our studios are about improving people’s lives. We’re goal setters and achievement celebrators. We’re party animals and self expressionists. We dance for fun and self improvement. We get to know our students on a personal level, and we watch them grow with genuine excitement. We base our conduct off of the simple truth that happy dancers keep dancing.

We’ve been in this business for over 100 years. It’s no fluke. Dancing changes lives. Arthur Murray Dance Studios change lives.

People like us because they can come as they are—beginner or seasoned dancer, we provide each student with the attention and patience is takes to help them reach their goals. And those goals vary. Students come to Arthur Murray to…

  • Learn a wedding dance
  • Start a fun, new hobby
  • Reconnect with their spouse
  • Keep their mind sharp
  • Lose weight
  • Meet singles and/or friends
  • Find inner confidence
  • Gain better social skills
  • And of course, simply learn how to dance…


There’s no goal too big for the Arthur Murray New Jersey staff, and we want to make sure all of northern New Jersey has the chance to dance. That’s why we’re consistently claiming new territory and setting up new studios wherever we can. Currently, you can find our dance studios in Ridgewood, Chatham, Denville, Roxbury, and Morristown.

Whether we’re reviewing testimonials or speaking to students after class, we love to see how dancing has changed our students’ lives. Each person has a different reason why they dance, and we are happy to have a hand in this life-changing experience. Arthur Murray New Jersey has been transforming lives for the past century, and we hope to do so for the next centuries to come.

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