There is no shortage of happy feet in our dance studios, and that’s because our students gain an inexplicable boost of confidence on the journey to finding their rhythm. And as our students gain confidence, they tend to lose something else… weight! Not only has Arthur Murray New Jersey enhanced the social skills of many of our students, but it’s also helped them find a fun fitness activity. We’ve got nothing against the gym; we’re just saying that dancing off the pounds is a lot more fun. Don’t believe us? Let this student tell you:

“I wanted to go to this event where they were doing the lindy hop, but I didn’t know how. I just didn’t want to look foolish, and that’s why I came to Arthur Murray. It’s changed everything… I came in a little overweight, and I lost 40 pounds—that’s a nice little side effect that I wasn’t expecting!”

People experience a newfound spice for life in our classes, too.  Maybe it’s because the music is lively or because their spouses turned out to be impressive dance partners, but something about dancing with Arthur Murray gives students a life worth celebrating. This student thinks so, at least:

“Ever since I started dancing at Arthur Murray, it’s brought a great quality of life to me… The instructors are always very upbeat and very positive in everything that they teach you. I’m very proud of the social skills that I’ve learned here, and I owe that all to Arthur Murray.”



“Arthur Murray has given me the confidence to go out there and enjoy life to the fullest.”



“Arthur Murray has definitely helped me find more fun in life.”


Last but not least, you can expect our dance instructors to give you the attention you need to succeed. We understand that dancing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but we don’t let that stop us from helping you find your footwork and move smoothly like the rest of ‘em. Our dance experts at Arthur Murray New Jersey are as professional, positive, and effective as they come.

Join the rest of our happy students and find out why you love our dance classes.

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