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Much like in the Olympics, we categorize our dancers by Bronze, Silver and Gold programs based on how much of our curriculum they learn. A student’s progression through the programs is based on their goals and their drive.

Bronze Ribbon


Bronze students learn from our Bronze Syllabus. Their programs focus on learning the basic steps of each dance. By the time a student has tested out of Bronze in their chosen dances they’ve learned enough to be called competent on the dance floor. Bronze students know how to get by, and most likely have a few favorite steps that they’ve worked on hard enough to perform with real flourish. Bronze has several subdivisions: Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III and Bronze IV.

Silver Ribbon


Silver students take their dancing to the next level because their goals require them to not just be good dancers, but great dancers. Still intermediate, Silver dancers learn to polish their bronze material through group classes and parties. They focus on style and technique, and aren’t satisfied until they can complete many steps with a high level of accuracy. They concentrate on dancing with skill and performing, whether its at the studio, a party or an Arthur Murray event. Silver students begin to transform from “people who dance” into dancers.

Gold Ribbon


Gold students are rare individuals whose drive to learn dancing has propelled them into the school’s elite. Dancers at this category have been studying for years and work to master the most complicated steps. They have internalized their dancing and have excellent command over their stage presence and bodies.

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