District & International Events


Whether it’s our Team Match, our monthly parties or our amazing Arthur Murray guest instructors, In-Studio Events are wonderful opportunities to bond with your Arthur Murray family and use your dancing in new ways. More frequent the any other kind, our In-Studio Events are a great way to introduce yourself to Arthur Murray activities!


Take a break from the stresses of everyday life and fall into an adventure of beauty and dance. Our One Day Competitions are all about full immersion into our world. Don’t let the name fool you, you don’t have to compete. All that’s required is that you look your best and enjoy yourself! Students from far and wide come to our One Days to perform showcases, compete in fast-paced competition and enjoy sumptuous dinners.


An Arthur Murray Showcase is a celebration of dance! In short, it’s an event at which our students prepare routines and show them off in front of their peers! The routines run from hilarious to dramatic, from simple to complex. They’re about expressing love for dance, not about impressing. All it takes to get applause at one of our showcases is love what you’re doing!


These are the largest of the exhibition events. Dance-O-Rama events are held in great locations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, and even Italy. They’re multi-day events and students who participate in these definitely come home as changed dancers. There are students and teachers from Arthur Murray studios all over the world in attendance and they are held at some of the finest resort hotels you can find. If you’re looking for the glitz and glamor of what you see on television, this is it.


2019 Events  March 3rd – New Jersey Classic (Hanover Marriott)  August 11th – Summer Showcase (Hanover Marriott) September 29th – Garden State Invitational (Hanover Marriott) December 16th – Holiday Medal Ball (Madison Hotel) MORE EVENT DATES COMING SOON.