How to Go from Zero to Ladies Man

How to Go from Zero to Ladies Man

by | May 20, 2016 | Couples Dancing, Dance Lessons, Date Night, New Jersey, New Students


It’s amazing how many guys come to Arthur Murray to learn to dance because they are shy and lack confidence.



They are afraid to the point that it paralyzes them and they just can’t relax enough to meet anyone.



Instead of secluding yourself and staying in your safe zone. You need to try new things, expose yourself to the world. Take up a hobby, join a tennis club, take ballroom dance classes. Create a better you, confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it comes from positive experiences. When you strive to achieve and eventually conquer goals you gain confidence. If you continue to achieve you will continue to grow.



Like I already mentioned, don’t settle for a lesser version of yourself. I know we can become comfortable with our habits and sometimes it’s difficult to accept change but sometimes change is good, if it’s eventually going produce a better you.



At Arthur Murray Dance Centers we help people overcome their shyness through dance. I asked one of our students how dance lessons has affected his life. His response was, “night and day, before I was pretty lonely, and now I’m out all of the time and there is no shortness in invitations. I go out with nice ladies all of the time, all they want is to have fun and be around me because I know how to dance and they tell me how confident I am. So, I let them use me whenever and however they want”, he says, kiddingly.



In a short period of time you will see a difference. You will carry yourself taller, you will look forward to invitations. You will seize all opportunities that never seemed to happen to you before. It’s no accident that good dancers are always sought after, they are usually the life of the party. Once people get moving and grooving the fun begins. Just think, all you have to do is learn to dance and you too can be a PARTY STARTER.

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